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How To Attract More Clients

How To Attract More Clients

And Get More Customers
does your travel business need more content

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It’s all about quality when it comes to sourcing clients. How can you attract these quality leads? Content marketing is a good place to begin.

How To Attract More Clients

How To Attract More Clients a survey of over 300 CEOs and Senior Executives showed that growth was a top priority for more than half.

This might cause you to sweat if you are involved in sales or marketing functions.

Your primary responsibility for company growth rests squarely on your shoulders. When you are under pressure to grow your business, it is easy to react by saying “just get as many clients and leads as possible”.

The key to growth success is not growing exponentially and as fast as possible. According to the old saying, fast-growing trees eventually die young.

Your company should be a steady and not weak or easily damaged 

You need steady, strong, and quality growth to be your goal.

How can you achieve this type of growth? Content marketing.

Let us explain:

Clients In Content Marketing

Quality over Quantity. Imagine that you have a catchy, memorable ad in the largest newspaper in your area. It generates 10,000 leads. The ad is very brief and doesn’t give much information about your company.

They are not your target market.

They found your ad interesting so they decided to contact you.

Imagine that you invest in content marketing strategies.

Your audience grows to about 10,000 and continues to learn about you.

They read your information, learn about your company, your product and pricing, and then consume it.

They Decide To Contact You.

  • Which leads are you more likely to trust?
  • Which leads do you think your sales team should spend more time with?
  • Which leads are likely to become repeat customers in the future?

This is how content marketing works and allows you to establish a rapport with leads and to qualify them before they speak to anyone on your team.

It’s a marketer’s or business owner’s dream, if they know how!

We’ve compiled our top 5 tips for creating a content strategy that attracts more clients and customers.

Focus first on your SEO

SEO is essential for any content marketing strategy. It’s not worth creating amazing content if nobody can find it. SEO can seem daunting, but it is possible to grasp the basics of SEO.

There are some important steps you should take when using SEO to attract more clients and to generate leads.

Know your customer.

It is important to understand your target customer’s exact needs, wants and pain points.

Keyword Research.

What are they really looking for? These keywords can be found using a variety of free tools. 

Create Quality

Long-form content that answers customers’ most frequent search queries.Track and optimise what is working.

This includes engagement, click-throughs, comments, and so on.

Continue to create more of this type of content and eliminate anything that seems flat.

You can do a lot more with SEO but it’s best to start with the basics.

Once you have identified the type of content driving traffic to your website, you can start exploring more advanced SEO techniques.

Create long-form content.

While it is true that humans have shorter attention spans, search engine algorithms are not as short.

Longer and more detailed content is more likely to rank higher in search engines, get more backlinks and receive more social shares.

Be mindful not to go too long and lose your readers’ attention.

It also generates higher click through rates, which is why it has its own section in this article.

Higher click-through rates equal more qualified leads for your pipeline.

People who click through to your website via long-form content most likely have only read some of your company’s expertise, and are still interested in learning more.

These are the leads that you need!

Be Generous In Your Content

Generosity can be an admirable trait, and it can also make you a successful person.

You may have felt a strong desire to do the same for someone you love.

This same psychology applies to content marketing, and giving valuable information or resources your audience.

It can take some time to reap the rewards of generosity with your content (aka giving away free guides and webinars, white-papers, studies, videos, etc.).

The payback can be as high as tenfold. Prospects who have received enough information from you to make their lives easier will likely come back to you when it’s time to buy.

An email address is something you should and can ask for when sharing great content.

Keep In Touch

It takes customers seven interactions to decide whether they want to buy from a company or become a client.

If your content attracts an audience but they lose interest after just one blog, it’s likely that you will lose their business.

This can be avoided by creating an email campaign to nurture leads. It involves sending consistent, but well-timed emails to your leads that anticipate and alleviate any hesitations.

Your email series should explain why you are the best solution for your client and how you can improve their lives or businesses.

You don’t have to send seven emails. You can send as many emails as you like to communicate your value proposition. However, make sure that they add value to your reader. Also, make it easy for them to unsubscribe if necessary.

Capitalise on Trends

What’s easier than starting conversations? It’s easy to join a conversation.

Marketers and business owners often get so focused on their message that they forget about the millions of conversations happening around them.

You can capitalise on all the chatter.You don’t have to try and create vitality through content.

Sometimes, all you need is to jump on the latest topic. This works especially well if the topic directly affects your target customers.

Let’s take, for example, that you wanted to reach small-business owners during the covid pandemic.

A blog could be written about how other small business clients are coping with the storm or how your company is supporting them.

This strategy is not only helpful but also relevant to your readers.

There are many tools that will help you find the most popular conversations in your industry.

Make Your Content Marketing Work

It can seem overwhelming to use content marketing to attract clients. However, you will soon see that the rewards are worth it for more qualified leads and consistent, efficient growth.


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